3 Clever Ways to Increase App Installs

Data shows that almost 70% of apps will never generate more than 5,000 downloads. Without the right mobile marketing strategy, chances are your app will flop and be forever invisible in the app stores. Luckily, we’re here to help with simple tips to Increase App Installs.

Optimize the first few lines in your description
Most people only read the first 3 lines of your description. Make it count.Keep it simple and to the point. App Store users don’t like reading, and don’t repeat messages highlighted in the screenshots/video. All that work you have done in making the description stand out will go to waste if the first few lines do not grab users by the collar. So spend time coming up with an engaging lead to your description.

Reach to Top Charts
Most users discover new apps by browsing top charts app lists in an app store. So reaching to top charts is one of the great ways to boost app downloads. Ways to reach to top charts:

[li]Buy app reviews - Reviews are part of app stores algorithm used to calculate an app position in Top Charts and search results. What’s more, most people tend to download an app which has much more positive reviews, and 80% users have changed their minds about a downloading an app based solely on the negative reviews they read.[/li]
[li]Buy app installs - The more installs an app gets within a short period of time, the higher it will rank in the top charts. What’s more, buying app installs can also boost app ranking efficiently.[/li][/ul]

Get featured on app stores
According to App Annie’s Report a feature for a game can lead to a 140% increase in downloads and for non-games to a 25% increase. Apps which with the following features tend to be get featured :
[li]Great app[/li][li]Universal app [/li][li]The user experience should be top notch.[/li][li]With compelling product page: video, screenshots, a good name, and a quality description.[/li][li]Have good App Store Optimization(ASO): app name, keywords, and category.[/li][li]New apps and apps with significant updates[/li][/ul]

Hope the 3 ways are useful to you.