3 Best Methods to Boost App Ranking in a Short Time

Data shows that over 65% users download an app by searching in app stores. When searching for an app, users often reference the ranking of the app, because this will be a guide and standard to decide if they are going to download the app.The higher the ranking in the app store is, the easier the number of app downloads increases. Here are several methods to boost app ranking is a short time.

Choose the right keywords &Target Keywords with Low Competition and Lower Search Volumes First
When you’re selecting a keyword, you need to take keyword relevance, traffic, and competition into account. Use keyword research tools to discover keywords that have lower search volume and less competition, and try and rank well for those. Once you have built up social proof and credibility, move in and attack the bigger boys on their own turf.

Incorporate Main Keyword in App Title and Description
Working keywords into your title and app description can make the largest immediate impact to ranking higher for specific search terms. Track your rankings for specific keywords over time and you’ll begin to see which keywords are more effective for bringing in downloads.

Buy Keyword Search Installs
By buying keyword search installs, your app ranking will be improve in 8~10 hours, especially for the low competition keywords, even much easier. It’s one of the most efficient way to boost app ranking.

Hope the 3 methods are useful to you.