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Please check out our latest App 21 Photos - Editor + Share on Google Play:

21 Photos

Add magic to your Photos!!

21 Photos is a fun way to enhance your pictures and share them with your friends on Facebook.

A lot of Rich editing options are provided:

Images can be Enhanced to HD - High Definition.

Various effects like San Carmen, Vivid, Soft Focus, Singe etc are supported.

Users can also add Memes and Text to pictures.

Users can use the following features: Increase/Decrease Sharpness, Contrast, Brightness etc.

Has one of the Best Editors: Aviary

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How can photo’s be enhanced to HD?

I know of a good image processing for video, but photo’s?
So I just checked out your app. First of all I cannot find your magical function that converts a non HD photo to a high resolution picture. Secondly your whole app is just a wrapper around Aviary with the addition of push notifications. I would advise you to remove the push advertisements and make some neat features that will make your app better than Aviary’s own app.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the Feedback. We are working iteratively on the new features.
Yes We have used Aviary Plugin. We were not aware of Aviary being available on Google Play.

However we plan to introduce more features after initially starting with Facebook Upload. We plan to give More Sharing options like Twitter, Bluetooth etc.

As far as Aviary Editor being concerned, there is an Enhance Tile on the bottom Left of the Editor. On clicking that feature, there are many modes like Night, Auto, Backlit, Balance to Enhance the Images.

As Far as Push Notifications are concerned, it is only 1 Push Notification in 12 Hours. This was required for revenue purposes. Once our Banner Ads start making money we shall remove those Notifications

We are working on the new features. Since we wanted a presence on Google Play we went with the First Cut. We shall release the new features Iteratively.

Once I thank you for a Frank Feedback.

I would recommend a daily notification instead. The guys at Leadbolt recommend a notification every other day. If you abuse the timing, the users will get annoyed pretty fast, and will problably uninstall your app.

Just my 2 cents…

Hi All,
The Notifications have been changed to 1 Per Day. Also more Sharing Options include

and many more*

  • App should be installed on Phone