2 methods help your app win in the super app marketing

Hi friends, we know that there are millions of apps in the app store, how to make your app win in this super market is very important. Today I want to share 2 methods which can help improve your apps competitiveness and make more potential users download your app.

1. Keywords Search Optimization
For an new app, the first thing you should do is to do Keywords Search Optimization. It can make your app visibility in the store, so more people will know your app and then download your app. This is the most effective way to promote a new app, here are some methods about how to do.
[li]Add Important Keyword in App Title – Place the hottest and more relevant key phrases in the App Title. The App Title has more weight in the algorithm, which can improve your app ranking by 10.3%.[/li][li]Use keyword research tools to find out keywords – Find the keywords that have lower search volume and lower competition and rank well for those.[/li][li]Target long tail keywords – Multi-word keywords may be usually searched for less often, but will also be less competitive. And targeting the long tail is also a great choice for new developers/new apps to start, because they can be much easier to rank for.[/li][li][b]Buy Keyword Search Installs[/b] – Buying keyword search installs, which can improve your app ranking instantly, and achieve your goal in a short time.[/li][/ol]

2. Gain Positive Reviews And 4/5-star Ratings
App reviews and ratings play an essential part in app promotion, which can affect your app installs and ranking. Thus, to promote an iOS app, getting more app high-quality reviews and 4/5-star ratings are necessary for app developers. There are some tips about how to get more app reviews and ratings:

Get App Reviews from Friends and Families
Family and friends are the biggest supporters of you. Ask them download your app, write positive reviews for your app, and also give you the most faithful advice. This not only can help increase app reviews, but also can help improve the quality of your app.
Exchange App Reviews
This is am useful way to gain more positive reviews without money, but they are requested to offer the same service to others. In this method, you need spend much time and energy looking for cooperators. Then offer high-quality reviews for them. In return, your partner will offer same quality reviews to you. However, exchanging app reviews will work after a long time, it needs developers’ patient. So you should persist in it.
Buy App Reviews
Buy app reviews is the most effective way to gain a lot of positive and high quality app reviews in a short time. And also a time and energy saving way. Remember all paid reviews should include your app keywords and functions. Furthermore, it is supposed to show your app advantages. And also remember buy app reviews from real users, do not buy fake reviews like “it is a good one”, “I like it”, “Well”. This can make your app be removed from app store when Apple found your app contain a lot of reviews like this. So choose a reliable company to cooperate with. You can click the link I put in this paragraph, it is a professional app review providers.

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