2 apps banned in 2 days after mixing airpush leadbolt and appnext

Hello all ,
I need some help figuring out some stuff here.

First off i want to say that im not new to this stuff including google banning accounts suspending apps and so on.
My issue is this, I have a good app code (sorry cant mention the name really) that i frequently re modify and publish to market. This has been going on for about a year now.
Not once has any of them been blocked or banned by google.
I always used airpush sdk for ads in that app, but recently, due to airpush not being able to handle the amount of add requests, I decided to incorporate 2 other ad networks into my code.
Now my code contains airpush + leadbolt + appnext. Now i want to say that im not spamming my users , i have just created a method that alternates which one should show where so basically keeping the same amount of ads being served but splitting it into 3 ways.
Since i did this, i uploaded the app to the market like 4 days ago, after 1 day i got a notice from google that my app was removed for a few random reasons (same basic reason they give to anyone) but my account was not suspended or closed.
So i decided to remove some of the more intrusive permissions like gps , location tracking and so on from the code and made some other changes to the code and uploaded the app to a friends developer account . This time the app got taken down by google like 1hr later for the same generic reasons.

I really need help from you guys.
could this be because i have 3 ad networks in my app code ? o
or please give me some idea’s here.

Which ad format did you use?

and please be more specific as to what you were suspended for, system interference? spam policy? as they don’t give the same reason to everyone, thanks

airpush i used smartwall , appnext i used Interstitial SDK , leadbolt i used App Ad # App Ad #1 - Interstitial (Auto Stretching)

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy. Please refer to the IP infringement and impersonation policy help article for more information.

thanks for the clarification, my opinion would be that maybe your updated app with the additional permissions triggered a review but in no way is it the result of stacking ad networks, the suspension clearly is result of your app content, title or keywords

I don’t think your app is banned coz of ads, it is surely related to the app content. Can you tell us what did your app do???