1Click Publish your Apps at AndroidAppania.com - Best alternative to Google Play

I would like to introduce a Best Google Play Alternative.
Yes, It is nothing but https://androidappania.com/

Android Appania is a FREE Android Marketplace where you can publish your Android App in just 1Click from Google Play and promote your App (if you wish) with many unique features exclusively available only at Android Appania.

We have many promotional features and some of them are discuss below:-

FREE Promotional methods :-
[li]Bump - push your App to top of front page[/li][li]Highlight - grab attention of visitors with a decent eye catching background [/li][/ol]

PAID Promotional Method :-
[li]Featured - Show your App first site wide with a badge wherever possible[/li][li]Premium - FREE Real Installs + Combination of Featured, Highlight, Bump (automatically daily)[/li][/ol]

Now, we are offering even more promotional options and increased benefits.
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Learn more at https://androidappania.com/app/promote.php

Once you publish you App on Android Appania which is an App Marketplace, your App will get even more popularity, So do not hesitate It’s just few clicks away.

Apart from this, We also have Affiliate Program through which you can earn upto 20% lifetime commissions from your referral sale. Learn more at https://androidappania.com/affiliate.php

Android Appania Team

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thank you so much . added . :smiley:

Your welcome !

Another alternative store. I will be trying it.
Quick advice - do not ask people to upload screenshot in image server and then give you link. You should have enough storage to handle all file assets on your own server.
Also, do not ask for website or whole page dedicated to the app (in NON-GP apps section). Many of us do not create website for each of our apps.

And a question - can we post files from multiple GP accounts through the 1 click method?

What engine are you using for the site, is it something custom built or a specific script (I believe something on bootstrap).

It is purely custom built and Bootstrap is also implemented in it.

Thanks for your suggestions !

We have already decided to provide upload option for Images, Screenshots and APK file as well, in future soon.
it is optional for developers to enter website or whole page dedicated to the app.

In future, We will release a PHP source code using which you will be able to create your own quick landing page for your Android Apps powered by Android Appania API. It will be fully automatic.

Yes, you can publish apps from different GP accounts but same developer name (as configured in your account) will be shown in all apps.