$150 a day for 160k daily impression, is it normal ?

I have a browser app with active user 30,000, I am now using admob banner and has a daily impression of 160,000, traffic is 40% US. I am earning like $150 USD a day. Is this earning normal, how could I uplift the revenue. Shall I use a different ad network, what do you guys think.


Great. With 180k impressions I earn $70 per day from admob banners. I have lesser traffic from u.s. than yours.

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Hey @Yoshido. You can use other networks like Pollflish along with AdMob just to boost your revenue! Pollfish lives well with AdMob as you may see in the screenshot below since it offers minimal intrusion and pays $0.30 for each completed survey through your app.


It depends on your traffic/GEOs, etc… 40% is US which is obviously a top tier GEO and should produce great results. Banner ads typically perform at a lower eCPM, partly because impression volumes are higher due to banner ads constantly changing, etc… Adding other ad units might do the trick for you. Have you experimented with other ad units like Start/Exit Interstitials, Video Ads, Compliant Alert Ads, etc.? Are your users from Google Play only?

That means, you have ~1$ eCPM on banners, which is great, don’t change anything ) leave it as it is ) in best case I get 0.3-0.4$ eCPM on banners, but I have only 5-7% US users