14 apps suspended without account suspension

i just got 14 emails from Google saying that they suspend 14 of my apps (because they have out of app ads) but my account was not suspended, some of these apps that they suspend were already unpublished a long time ago by me , but they suspend them too !! does this mean my account will be suspended soon? and anyone else got the same problem?

I got the same, which ad networks you had in those apps?

I think it is done by a bot because my apps has almost every SDK, but I have integrated only mobilecore interstitials and admob interstitals! it happen 30 minutes ago

most of them widdit and some have mobario, there’s also in-app ads in all of them, i have other apps with widdit and mobario but they didnt get suspended

Just in time for the holidays eh?
If I were you, I would start creating another account and deleting that so hopefully you get around the system before it links everything up.
That’s me, others may have different suggestions.

Why do you think they have not suspended the other apps with widdit and mobario?what did the app that were suspended have in common?

i dont know why, it doesnt make sense

unfortunately, if i start with a new account i will lose a 6 months work, when you upload an app to an account with not much active users you get much less downloads

Google are truly relentless.
By this notion Google are banning simply on the basis that you may have intended to use certain ad network’s SDKs at some point.
They cannot justify these backward actions. Letting automation potentially disrupt the well being of businesses/incomes/livelihoods etc where there is no guarantee of foul-play is just obscene.
You would think such a large corporation would come up with more intelligent and effective ways of policing their systems…

You might have a decent chance of appealing the apps that were only using MC and Admob. It wouldn’t be very practical testing thousands of apps by hand before suspending them, so google is probably just searching for the offending jar files (although I heard some apps were removed just for having pingjam code in the bin folder so their check system might be even more aggressive than that).

It’s worth a shot anyways, just tell them the other networks weren’t active but you’re willing to remove the old jars anyways before republishing. I don’t think a new account will make a difference though unless you create it under a new name/card, which you might as well wait to do until you actually get banned

7 apps suspended because of Mobario for me.

1 app suspended with mobario and 1 app with widdit. Looks like out of app ads is strict no no. I had out of app ads in only two apps.

mobario is not complaint with google

OK, my 5 apps suspended (2 of them wth more than 100k downloads) because of Moobario although I used only in-app ads. That is the end of this company for me.

I don’t think it is mobario issue, in the sense that if latest mobario SDK is in app(and you judge it complaint), then google should write new policies, try to bombard google with complaining.
OR maybe mobario should change its SDK name or something cause google bans it.

Yes, I think that Google bot only search for their SDK. In this SDK is availability to show out-of-app ads (even if you want to use only in-app). I’m 100% shure it’s because of mobario, because other apps are OK.