[10M Downloads] Construction City 2 - sequel!

Hello, I would like to showcase my newly released game - Construction City 2 (sequel of the first version with over 10 million downloads)


If you could download, rate or share, i would be grateful.


All suggestions and opinions welcomed :wink:

Happy for you man…after along time…hope you get good success with it…

Thank you for a good words :slight_smile: so far it looks promising, cheers!

If you don’t mind asking, what’s the revenue for a 10million download game? :slight_smile:

On best days it was around 4000$ a day from ads only (not very intrusive)

Very good, and now that’s on the market for this long, how’s things going?

Last time I updated it was ages ago (my bad) there are still around 100k downloads a month and 3 digits of revenue a day, I need to make an update because of faulty ad sdk its crashing on 4.0+ android.

That’s really good, hope you can replicate with this new game.

Thanks, so far after publishing results looks very promising.

Good to know

10.500 downloads in first days, even managed to be 1st in trending in my category in UK for a while, currently 4th in top new games in my category, but looks like its not so easy like it used to be in last years…

Updated, 48 new levels + 2 new vehicles, Turkish, Portuguese and French languages support added :slight_smile:


Updated, version 1.5.1 - several bug fixes, new languages, improved forklift.