1 vs 2 ad networks for app wall

i’m building a new app and i want to put at least 2 app walls (on exit and between levels) ,
is it better if these two walls are from the same network or its better if they are from two different ad networks?

I would recommend trying Burstly interstitial mediation or Airpush SmartWall. I’ve tried most interstitials and currently using Airpush SmartWall since it performs the best, however I’m excited about testing Burstly interstitial mediation and have heard great things so I may replace Airpush SmartWall with that if it outperforms. Both of them have the same concept which makes them work better than normal interstitials – for Burstly and Airpush, they dynamically change the interstitial shown (rich media, appwall, video, etc) depending on what are the highest paying campaigns in the market.

thanks for the info, i never used any type of mediation, i only tried revmob (which is sucks) and now i want to try airpush, are you sure that burstly will show the highest bid or they will randomly choose any network to show each time, and, depending on your experience, what are the best ad networks i can use for burstly mediation to get high numbers?

as I told you I’m about to start testing Burstly interstitial mediation so I can’t help you on that. perhaps someone else can chime in.
my friend told me he was doing very well with it. i will also try burstly banner ads too. as i posted in another thread i’m currently using Admob for banner ads in 34 apps and have tried all the other banner ad networks and they’re just not as good. i have 1 app using Airpush banner ads as an experiment and it is significantly outperforming Admob (plus it gives weekly payments), however i’m still waiting a few more weeks to see the consistent performance from Airpush banners before switching out Admob. admob may be lower but it’s less volatile than airpush historically.

admob is not good for me too, exept one small app, it have 20% ctr and 2.25 ecpm from 1500 impression !