1 million ad impressions, 7000 ad clicks per month, $30ish a day?

Hi guys, I just wanted to get some opinions on my current revenue situation. I’m currently getting around 1 million ad impressions per month across all my apps and around 7000 clicks per month. I’m making on average around $25 - $30 per day.

Does this sound right? Should I be making more than what I’m currently getting?


For 1 million I am getting 1000$ from admob…

Same here with me. I’m getting ~800k impressions/day, 50k click, eCPM ~ 0.07 and revenue ~50USD. I’m using startapp, traffic from Asia.

Hi phil917,

The numbers you are quoting could be better. I can give you an example of what a top publisher at AdBuddiz made last month:

impressions 2,027,342 - revenue $5,088.17 - CPM $2.51 (approx. 3000 clicks per day).

This means approx. 1 out of 22 views turned into a click.

Between how many apps is your 1 million impressions divided? At AdBuddiz, we use machine learning algorithms to calculate the best converting ads for our publishers. In order for the algorithms to work, we need data - the more impressions per app the better. Therefore you are likely to earn better with a couple of high performing apps, rather than many small apps.

Also, the country of the users affects the revenue. Are your users from the US & Western Europe, or elsewhere?

If you want more information on our premium ads, feel free to visit our website or send me an email: [email protected] :slight_smile:

Its not the greatest you can definitely do better I advise trying another network remember your not married to them you can leave and come back whenever you want. You have to try different networks and ad types to see which network and ad format is best for you.

If you want a list of all other networks out there you can test out, you can check out the link in my signature. It’s used more for UA but in the future we may have average eCPMs by genre/platform/geo which will be helpful for monetization.