[1.1][FREE][APP] Randomizer - powerful tool to random all kinds of things

Hi everyone! I want to introduce you with my brand new application, that i just released in play.google.com . It is very useful when playing board games, also in role playing games and even more - every game that needs to put people in some order to take their shot, to throw a dice or something, generate fully random number or set of numers. Your gaming expierience will be changed to better and cheating friends will have to cut their actions. Don’t wait - check it out, it’s available for free, you can download it on every android device you own. If you have some ideas, what i can change - write me so i can improve and make actualization preety soon. Also if you like my app - give it 5 stars and some positive comment, so others will see and also be able to use it : )

Here it is:

V 1.1 - just released (added new features)

any suggestions or opinions?

Me, as an engineer, know and understand what Random means. But do the average person know what random means? or how could they possible apply a random number generator to solve their problems?

I personally think that you could change the way the app and its usability is presented to the audience. People dont need a Randomizer, they need a virtual dice, a way to decide who starts, etc

Hey, I checked out your randomizer utility.
The dice mode is very cool! I also like that it randomizes a list.
One suggestion I would make would be to allow people to store their list to use in another session, and to re-generate to get a different result without having to put in the same number.

I left you a 5 star rating/review.