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    pain as usual/kratom/meditation/drugs?

    what do you do to cope with pain?
    I tried drugs but it's addictive...
    Meditation or kratom, what to start with?

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    real 3 series has stopped at m3 e46.. e92 could also show some face but the real speedy car was e46. I mean m3 e30 was good enough but I never saw it ever beating e46 lol. When going to BMW races I had to buy kratom extract to chill my head and nervous system from emotions seeing everymatch e46 winning all the mustangs, subaru wrx, supras and other. And it doesn't even matter what was it, a drift match or a drag racing, e46 was always winning it. Too bad I can't even afford a normal e46, not even talking about a m3 one, difference of price which is around 30k$ lol.

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