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    For which types of apps can push notifications increase retention?

    My company develops music visualizers and I am considering push notifications to increase retention. But I have read that push notifications are most useful for social apps and when they can be personalized. My music visualizers does not use any social features, so I wonder if they are the wrong type of apps for push notifications. Could it still be useful to use push notifications to increase retention? I am considering texts like "Do you know you can see your music?", "Want to see your favorite music in full colors?" and information about new features when the app is updated. I am not going to send too often.

    I have read that push notifications are often recommended for increasing retention. Popular apps like Wish are often using them. The notifications from Wish are not social, they just inform about new products and other stuff. I click on them sometimes, so they seem to work. That is why I am considering push notifications for my apps.

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    Today web and mobile push notifications are a very effective marketing channel and can be used for different purposes and different products. You can easily promote your mobile app via push notifications if you launch your campaign the right way. Check this article if you're interested in implementing push notifications to your marketing strategy:
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