Email and phone marketing is very popular nowadays. It helps to contact your potential clients directly and get their feedback about your service or product. Everything you need is to have a base of emails or phone numbers and send them your offers or ads. This is very effective way to increase your sales or leads. But the question is where to get that contact base? Everything you need is a scraper - programm that will extract this information for you. Some of them are free, some are not. I use Devastator service. It has average price and sufficiently wide functionality. This service works with Yelp, Craiglist, Backpage, Yellow pages and other big sites. Just with a click of a button it wil scrape hundreds of important data from the web for you. You will get about 2K emails in 10 minutes. As for me this is really easy way to distribute information about your products and earn more money. You can find Devastator service at After you will have a base everything would be simple. Make a good letter with ad and send it to your clients. This method could be used for incrase instals of any Android apps or games as well.

Here are some simple rules that would help you to make your email marketing more effective:
1. Create a sense of urgencies in your emails
2. Let them know that they are the first to find out
3. Integrate Email Marketing into your Social Network campaigns
4. Plan special dates
5. Analyze the most sold and viewed items
6. Congratulate your contacts on their special day
7. Annual subscription promotion

Wish you good sales and big earnings!