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    Quote Originally Posted by ramzixp View Post
    Don't give ANYBODY your 1000 ojro. Especialy from this forum. Full of scammers.
    What you do the best?
    Spend it on facebook ads. Not some app2top (bot installs).
    Choose countries like:
    -Germany, UK(little more expensive)
    -avoid Poland, we don't like to pay for anything^^
    -avoid USA, unless you have 100k ojro

    I think with lower tier countries you can get 0,05$ for install. Lower tiers will boost your app in higher tiers also. Thats why avoid USA. Not necessary. If you have IAP, that's good and 1000 euro can be earned.

    What is strategy?
    Don't invest it in 0 day after publication. New Google Play system hold app for 72h until "second review" with manual operator. Then:
    set 60% of your budget in 4th day
    set 40% of your budget in next 7 days
    It can guarantee rank in countries.
    I advice to choose Brazil, users have money to spend in CPI.

    After getting back your 1000 euro, reinwest it asap in for example Mexico or Russia, same way. There is no 30 days window now.

    Put in your app Google+1 button to vote for your app, can be a dialog too. This will bring your app into recommended apps tab. Every user have friends, they will see your app in recommended tab.
    If possible, make newsletter EULA and grab emails to build your retention but make it proper with US law! <read_about_it>
    Use some push notification but only proper with google play terms! Ofcourse to build your retention.
    Let me ask you: you say to wait until 4th day to invest in advertisement. Another friend from this forum said that the most important days to invest in marketing are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd days (http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid...tml#post174617).

    I am not doubting neither your word nor his word.

    I just want to understand were do you got information that support your statement. My intention is to understand Google Play logic a bit better I'll ask the same thing in the other thread.

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