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    Discrepancies between Google Play sale order history and transaction payment list

    Curious is anyone else has discrepancies in their Google Wallet order history and payments transactions for paid app sales? I have one paid app for sale at 2.49. On 22nd Oct, for example, I show 6 chargeable sales in the order history, with all of the sales in the same currency, GBP (my app is highly localized to the UK). With Google taking 30%, this should yield 4.50 to Google and 10.44 to me. However the transaction history for this day shows 2.23 to Google and 12.67 to me. The totals don't match up either. I've seen this same on most other days too. Oct 19th had 7 sales and so I expected 5.23 to Google and 12.20 to me, but transaction history shows 3.36 to Google and 15.54 to me. Now, I'm certainly not complaining to Google since in every instance I seem to come out ahead of my expectations, but can anyone enlighten me on why there is a difference?

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    It's probably caused by VAT - Google doesn't take 30% from it I think.

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