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    Anybody tried ADXMI network - eCPM $10 at least ?

    Has anybody tried out the network "ADXMI" ?
    I have found an advertising banner here at forum.
    On this banner they write "eCPM $10 at least!"

    Has anybody experience with them ?
    How are the fill rates ?

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    Adxmi's video ads once offering $10 CPM, but it change to CPM + CPI later and the revenue decreased a bit.
    But I don't have much impressions either.

    They're trying to let me us Offerwall, I'm thinking about it..

    The best way to know about networks just to try them.
    I've got pretty different performance on networks compare to other's experience.

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    If you are looking for an Ad Network, its very important to understand how it will have an impact on your app and user base.
    You need to understand your demographics and the type of Ad Network which fits into those demographics. The basic idea is to reach out to the right set of audiences. There are several Ad networks you can try like Affle, Bidderplace, etc. In my experience try affle.com to get your app promoted to the right set of audience. Affle is an end-to-end architect for advertisers, publishers, and commerce marketplace who can assist you with mobility solutions.

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