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    Since this is the forum where fellow devs exchange ideas and feedback on different ad networks, ad units, monetization strategies, and reviews exchange, I decided to post about a great service I use for Incentivized installs and keyword installs, called Keyapp I've been using it for more than three years and it's the best one so far to rank my games and apps on Google play (or also Appstore).


    Capacity: 14000-20000 installs per day;
    Price: $0.09 per install; $0.15 keyword install;
    Top Geolocation distribution (17 countries): US , GB , DE , IN , CA , AU , Br...etc;

    I tested most of the other current services , but they are pretty much useless, because of the high price and number of daily install limites.
    i believe when you sign up with this intalls provider for the first time you get 50 free installs, but i'm not sure if it's still offering that..

    Very important: incentivized installs can help you drive organic downloads, but it requires a larger amount of installs in most countries to reach a ranking that allows you to get organic traffic afterwards.
    If you guys are interested, i'll be more than happy to share with you the strategy i use to rank my apps using Keywords install, getting my app from 250 rank to 6th,3rd in the search list depending on the keyword in just one week.

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    Buying an account on Reddit for business is a good investment. However, you need reliable services that provide good accounts. On I was recommended by my manager to buy 100 accounts and use a special scheme to promote my business
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