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    lights and lanterns

    I am looking for the locomotive's marker lights on the N scale, not the type that would be in the car and have the shape of a lantern. They were usually found in first-generation diesel power plants. I think they are called marker lights, I have also seen them called class lights, but I didn't find much when searching for any term.

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    Part 221.14 of the Federal Code 49 describes marking devices in terms of intensity, color saturation, lighting hours, location, and need for different types of trains. Such as passenger, freight, and suburban trains were running on the railway network. It also points that when the locomotive is operated severally or at the rear of the train, the "instant marking device" may be provided with a flashing rear end device, such as is usually used at the end of the train, at least one illuminated red or amber classifier at the rear of the locomotive, or the dipped-beam headlamp of a locomotive. The modern locomotives are equipped with led lanterns. FRED has two main goals: to inform the engineer about the amount of pressure in the brake pipe; light to warn everyone nearby about the end of the train.

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