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    forum related: Blocking Script

    I am not sure if I am the only one with this problem, but sometimes FireFox freezes for a second and than gives me a warning box about a blocking script


    It happens not always, but if, than it happens on every page load where FireFox freezes for some seconds and shows me that box.

    Is there any solution for it?

    Also it happens relatively often, that the forum does not load at all giving a custom screen with "not available".

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    RE: forum related: Blocking Script

    I'm also getting the "not available"-message with chromium on Ubuntu. Deleting browsing history and cookies usually get's me past the problem. This only happens on this forum and about once a month.

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    RE: forum related: Blocking Script

    With respect to the "Not available" message - It looks like my web hosting has been pretty flaky recently. I'm investigating changing hosting providers, but I have a lot of sites so it will be a bit of a challenge. Because I'm using CloudFlare, you will see a custom screen when the site's not online. The homepage at should still load though.

    No idea about the blocking script though. That seems to be Cloudflare's fault, but I can't see anyone else having the issue after a quick Google search. Although I have noticed if I leave a few forum pages open in Chrome, it starts using a lot of memory. Something else I'll have to look into, probably after changing the hosting provider.
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