Hi guys,

I have problems with the FAN performance analytics for all apps - it shows Unknown error always. This is something I reported to FB Support, they replied they are aware of it but it will take them long to produce a new dashboard without it. In the meanwhile, I am directed to API access for checking my revenues.

The api documentation is here https://developers.facebook.com/docs...orting-api#api

I really got problem managing to pull the revenue data by date for All Apps together. The sample codes are not helpful and they refer to "access token" without saying if its user access token or app token. I tried all I could find and I googled but cant find a working snippet of code.

Does one of you make more sense over it? I think I just need the most basic metric of all, All apps, All Time, Estimated Revenue, Per Date.
I will not add it in a program or something. I just want to view it since the dashboard is a failure.

Can you help?