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    Why are simple sound apps so popular

    Do you give an idea why the simple sound apps - car sounds, electric shaver, air horn etc are so popular.
    Few weeks back my friend created a playstore account and made a very simple electric shaver app and it is now raking in 100 downloads per day. is there any reason for that since there are 100s of similar apps even in the elctric shaver category.

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    the store is not mature enough as of now. I mean there is shit everywhere (specially music category) so new shit looks awesome to users.

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    Well, 100 downloads per day is nothing special if it's a free app. There is half a billion users out there!

    A lot of the simple sound/joke apps are probably downloaded by kids who've just gotten their first smartphone.

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    100 downloads a day is popular? You will soon realize that even 10K download a day might not be enough for you :-)

    IMO, unless your app gets 50K + downloads a day its not popular. if its above 100K then its very popular and if its above 300K, then its viral.

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