In the interest of sharing information....

WordSearch Hero went out yesterday.

Development time: 16 months

Costs to contractors:
Outsourced Programming: $23k
Outsourced Graphics work: $35k

Misc other expenses too.

What did I get for all that work ?
- 2450 drawables.
- 76k LOC excluding all libraries/addons/jar files/etc

1) Don't reply saying "I could have got the graphics work for cheaper/etc" .... the last person that tried that ended up finding out it was only true if the graphics were shitty.
2) Don't spam this thread with "congrats" messages. Use this thread: http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid...y-3rd-app.html
3) I am probably going to drop a decent amount into FB advertising...

And for some unknown reason... it is available in Google Play via search..... but not showing up in the "What's New" lists..... grrr