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    Hi All,

    Wanted to drop by and suggest checking our newly released mediation platform. If you're experiencing low eCPMs and unsatisfactory fill rates then you should be working with additional ad networks, not just switching. Why put all your eggs in one basket? With our mediation you NOW have the ability to work with multiple ad networks at once, ensuring increased global fill rate and revenue.

    We're plugged into 40+ Top ad networks such as (Vungle, AdColony, Admob etc). Control all your existing ad networks with one single lightweight SDK and easy to use UI. Additionally we have our own video ad exchange allowing additional buyers to access your inventory and bid in real time resulting in higher CPMs and unwasted impressions.

    Lastly, our Max SDK promotion is ending soon, integrate ASAP to take advantage of our $6 guaranteed CPM - Aerserv Max

    Feel free to shoot me a message or email me if you have any questions. [email protected]|Philiptse85

    Learn more at Free Mobile Adserving & Mediation Platform | AerServ

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    Hello all,
    instead of targeting one by one, why not be integrated in an RTB Platform? you can control your bidding price and monetize different campaigns within one platform.
    if you would like to discuss, please PM me. cheers!
    Yes, Sign me up with Avazu Mobile DSP!
    Mobile RTB Platfrom to monetize your campaign with CTR/CPD/CPA/CPC model on a global scale.


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    We are offering developers with US Android apps Guaranteed bonus $0.05 Payout per Install plus Revenue Share at Appjolt.com. We have high ad fill rate, eCPM over $5, and reward users with our engagement platform. Feel free to message me for more details.

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