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    Apps suspended from Samsung Store for using Push Notification ads

    Recently some of apps have been suspended from the Samsung Store because of using push notifications.

    Below is the mail which I received from the customer support

    "In answer to your query, we’d kindly like to inform you that the applications which contain “Push Notification Ads” have been suspended in Samsung Apps by SEC, according to the policy.
    Notification email regarding this suspension has been sent to the seller or will be sent soon. "

    Hope Google doesn't adopt this policy!!

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    Samsung have been cleaning up their act as of late, so I wouldn't worry about Google adopting the same policy.
    Their recent successes have really pushed them up in the tech industry and they are actually making smart moves to great-en that success, from their end anyway.
    Today I had an e-mail of a sub company of theirs "USYS" about a compatibility issue with one of my best apps and the Samsung Galaxy S4. They are obviously looking to ensure popular apps available to the GS4 work correctly. That's a first for anyone!

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    Samsung is dominating the android OS right now. Just go to our app stats and you would notice, Over 75% devices installing apps are samsung phones. I sometimes wonder which market belongs to other android phone makers like HTC, LG etc. Samsung basically wants to dominate the android OS. There were reports that google actually has concerns over their domination in the market :-)

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