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    I would emphasize two dramatically different ways to promote your app.

    WAY 1. External Marketing Methods
    WAY 2. Inner Marketing Tools

    First Way complies that you will invest the time and promotions resources out of Store where your app is published.

    The main marketing instruments are Google Ads and others.

    Such methods are centring mostly at getting targeting users to satisfy such goals:

    1. New Installs
    2. New Conversion in the positing from real users
    3. Increase the Average User Activity

    Top Marketing Tools for External App Promotion

    Google Ads ( context-media ads, apps promotion tab);
    YouTube ads;
    Facebook Ads (here you need to choose commercial account usage);
    Forums, Blogs posting.

    Second Way underlines the activity which is concentrating at improving the position in the Google Play or App Store (depends where your app OS is).

    The main factors influencing the position in Store are:

    1. Installs Amount
    2. Installs Retention
    3. Keyword Discoverability
    4. Average Rating Mark
    5. Positive Comments

    All these factors should be launched together as Stores pay attention at traffic low from different channels and activities. It means that if your app has a high installs bench it also needs to have decent rating average mark.

    KEENMOBI - is the top provider to supply you with all range of the listed service

    Installs flow and positive reviews play a significant role to improve the app position in Store. Due to such traffic your chance become better to get higher position. And from this you need to know that apps are installed mostly which have TOP 1-10 position in top charts.

    So from these external activity should include the incent marketing tools to boost the traffic and get higher position to be visible for variety of users.
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    Increase App ranking with Keyword Installs

    Keyword Installs is the most element of boost app ranking. Especially high quality installs . There was a research show that nearly 90% users download the app with keyword, like: Suppose you run a hotel Booking business in india ( Buy app installs )
    and running your app on play store
    now think for a moment if some one want to visit in india from any other countries or
    the person of country he want to visit in any metro city of india
    then he will go on play store and will search by keywords like

    Hotels in india, Hotels in pune, Hotels In mumbai, Hotels in delhi

    and your app will show him on top so he will go to install and use it

    so via this way you can keep all keywords related to your app on top .
    We can provide developers high quality Keyword Installs. We have rich experience in boosting app downloads and ranking through providing high quality iOS and Android app installs. We have helped many app rank in the top. These days we have sales and if you have any need, you couldn't miss it. Any concerns, please let me know.

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    I suppose that there is so much way how to do that now, but as for me, I believe that the most profitable one is to use social webs. Everything is pretty easy, just create an account in tiktok and buy tiktok followers at It will help you to start successfully. Then just make some content and wait.

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