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    My first app! Game Guide. Give it a try and please give me a review!

    Gamer Guide is a tool for gamers to quickly access information, guides, or statistics on their favorite games!
    It features 25+ games of the most popular online and console games available to date, giving access to any websites affiliated with the games listed.

    Gamer Guide featured include:
    League of Legends
    Rocket League
    Red Dead Redemption
    Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    Rainbox 6 Siege
    Call of Duty Black Ops 4
    Destiny 2
    Far Cry 5
    FIFA 19
    Dark Souls III
    & much more!

    Essentially this app is a tool that links you to whatever you are looking for in a game. Want to check Reddit for Rocket League? Want to see all of skins in Fortnite? Want to figure out builds for League of Legends? You can do all of that in Gamer Guide!

    PLEASE NOTE: This app is relatively early in development, so if you like the idea and would like to support me leave a review in the comments to help me out! It would be much appreciated!

    **Game Guide
    Game Guide
    Game Guide**

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