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    [Free][App] Need promotion, install, review

    Hello, my app called Base Converter

    Download on Google Play

    Used for :
    Convert text to decimal, text to binary, text to octal, text to hexa.
    Convert decimal to binary, decimal to octal, decimal to hexa.
    Convert binary to decimal, binary to octal, binary to hexa.
    Convert octal to decimal, octal to binary, octal to hexa.
    Convert hexa to decimal, hexa to binary, hexa to octal.

    Need your install, review, and promotion. Thank you

    Feel free to ask

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    You can use the service on my signature to get installs and reviews, it's Free

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    Hi, there
    your app need promotion, installs and reviews. APP promotion include many ways: social media, app store optimization, advertisement and other effective ways. Today, I will introduce the app store optimization clearly at below, once your app have promoted, the installs of your app will increase accordingly.

    why is the app store optimization important?

    In fact, the keywords search installs in app stores is the main traffic source, some researches show that 75% audiences install app by searching related keywords in app store. And with the other channels of installs app have become weak, the app store optimization have become more and more important.

    To promote an app, having a appealing name and icon is very important. you must try your best to attract the audience, the clearly and comprehensive description is essential indeed. But don't forget add the keywords of your add in it. Indeed, the good title can help you gain more audiences. Also, the keywords and reviews are important to promote your app. If you have enough budget,you can try the following two methods:

    buy keywords search installs: promoting the keywords of your app, like relevance, competitive, plural, is an effective way to optimize your app. After all, most audience will installs some app by searching the keywords.

    buy ratings and reviews: the ratings and reviews can reflect the information and your user of your app, so the 4/5 ratings and positive reviews can improve the installs of your app.
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    Optimization on App Store/Google Store can be free of charge if you have already covered a big audience. But if you are newcomer in this business you need to put certain funds in its promotion. At the beginning I recommend you to use services, which provide incent traffic. Having this you will be rating higher and visible for other users. Keenmobi is one of the agencies which provide worldwide installs, reviews and 5Stars rating from real people for your App.
    If you are interested in any App Promotion services, contact me at Skype: "keenmobi"

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