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    [Free] RetroShips - Space Shooter

    A cool new game RetroShips - Space Shooter
    ★★★ Introducing RetroShips - Space Shooter ★★★

    Retroships is an exciting vertical scrolling shoot´em up game inspired by the Arcade cabinets era of shooters with a retro pixel-art stylish and with an added modern touch, taking the advantages of current technologies.
    Your mission is simple: shoot all what you see and avoid the enemies, you can destroy the cargo ships in order to collect power-ups that will help you.
    How to use: Just put your finger anywhere on the screen to move the ship (do NOT put your finger over the ship or it will be harder to avoid the enemies or his shots)
    - 3 levels containing 8 sub-levels each one (24 stages).
    - Power-ups (and power-nothing).
    - 600 animated frames for explosions.
    - Lots of ships with different behaviors.
    - Great effects with planes using modern techniques.
    - Impressive final bosses at the end of each level.
    - One-handed game control.
    If you like games like 1941, 1942, Argus, Gradius, Dodonpachi, R-Type, Defender, Galaga, Radiant, Tyrian, iFighter, Galaxian, Ikaruga, Espgaluda, Asteroids, Salamander, Rayforce, Life Force, Scramble, Invaders, Strikers, Varth, Donpachi, Lethal Thunder, this shmup is for you.
    Are you ready?

    Link to Google Play Store:
    Requirements: Android 2.3 and up.
    I recommend you to download this free and awesome game.

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    Nice game! You may want to think about taking out all those keywords at the end of your description though. I don't think it's allowed on GP. I would also move the ad banner to the top of the screen. You'll probably get lots of accidental clicks at the bottom.

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    this app looks interesting i will test it

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    Hi All,

    Nice you liked it!

    Here the video trailer

    Update Available!!
    New Stage! (7 levels + 1 Boss).
    ● New Items Manager! (Facebook is not needed to play the game)
    ● New difficulty level, Insane! (to see it, you must surpass all levels in hard mode)
    ● Graphic improvements.
    ● Bug fixes.

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