It is true that there are many people who use Twitter poorly and that there are many junk messages, but the other truth that omits this fallacy is that you do not receive all this information, but only the messages of those you follow. In this sense, saying that Twitter is useless because it is full of garbage is a statement as ignorant as saying that the Internet is useless because it is full of nonsense.

Therefore, that your timeline is crap or that it has excellent quality and added value depends only on you and your good judgment to decide who to follow. You can need to baixar video twitter free. In short, when you talk to someone who has taken the time to try Twitter seriously, it is usual that the topics of conversation about new and refreshing ideas begin to flow immediately in all kinds of fields, interesting people to follow, breaking news , trends in social media, in technology, in fashion, recommendations of all kinds of things, a friend who has found employment thanks to an offer that is located via Twitter, another that has managed to increase sales of his store by 25% surfing items, etc., etc., etc.