Today’s online social networkers want to have instant, 24×7 access to their social network and the information they need, but are not interested in being tied to a wired Internet connection. To get the most out of your social networking experience, members must have anytime, anywhere access to people in their network. Development of mobile applications that work on all combinations of carriers, platforms and mobile device models would make life a lot easier for the avid social networker.
What is needed is an online social networking provider of aggregation, connectedness, and collaboration technology for an individual’s social network. Mobile technology needs to be built on the new WAP 2.0 standards, designed to enable mobile users of social networking sites to access real-time data on their thriving networks through a variety of wireless devices.
A network connectedness & collaboration solution is for people who want to aggregate all the relationship capital they’ve built up from social networking sites for fast & easy sharing within their very own private network. It needs to be a highly safe and secure relationship capital management platform that can privately separate a user’s professional/business profile from their personal/”here I am being cool…” profile. This suite of networking connectedness applications would allows users to collaborate by sharing calendars, contacts, files, and more.
WAP 2.0 connects cellular phone, PDA, and other mobile users with email, contacts, calendar, and task data in their social networking accounts – on a Treo, Nokia or almost any other SmartPhone or Pocket PC. Users can connect their network(s) using their mobile phone, or using a PDA with WiFi or modem connection.
This technological advance provides a colorful and graphic-rich interface that is available on WAP 2.0 compatible cellular phones, PocketPC devices, PalmOS-based devices, as well as other mobile devices.
Also, an extra benefit would be real-time connection between their account and Outlook on the desktop. This connection would ensure, whether a user is accessing their email, contacts, calendar and tasks via Outlook, remotely with a web client, or on a mobile device, that their information is always accessible. It must provide users with virus and spam-free email, shared calendars, contacts and files, tasks, instant messaging, and more.
Email and calendaring solutions help to aggregate and manage one’s own private network. These web-based tools make managing busy schedules easy, and allow users to instantly schedule meetings with colleagues across their social networks enabling users to automatically send meeting requests and changes to participants. Ideally, it would support the iCal industry standard, which enables social networking site users to coordinate their schedules with users of other iCal-compliant calendaring software.
To be useful, products & services for mobile social networking communication must be compatible with any social networking niche such as: Friend Networking, Business Networking, Common Interest Networking, Dating Networking, Pet Networking, Face-To-Face Meeting Facilitation, Sharing Emphasis, Campus, and every other niche site in between.
Be forewarned that a lot of mobile social networking sites offer their services for free in exchange for you seeing all their ads and for target marketing. Be sure you get a commitment from a provider that along with a best-in-class service, you’ll also never see banner, text or other advertisements within the application.
Services must be provided through a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model, which gives users desktop-like speed and performance from any computer with Internet access or any mobile device, without having to install software programs. Since it would be delivering its service offerings over the Internet, users would likely be willing to pay only a small monthly fee for on-demand use of the software especially taking into account its ad free.
To recap, a Mobile Social Networking aggregation solution specializes in helping individuals and organizations to aggregate the relationship capital built from any social networking site such as MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, LinkedIn, Bebo plus all others including Mobile Social Networking sites. The software enables you to manage, deliver and track social networking activities for fast & easy sharing of video, audio, photos, files, and more in a safe, secure, and private online space.