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    Cool [Optimizing Revenue and Downloads] Monetization and User acquisition services

    Hey there,

    Husam here with .MUM. Games consulting company from Germany.

    We are always on the hunt for good games which have great Monetization and Marketing potential, thought this forum would be a great place to find those partners .

    Our services help games developers and also publishers with

    - Optimizing monetization via various types of advertising that users like and get good revenues
    - User acquisition via RevShare, performance based UA including LTV prediction and real time user acquisition channel rating – Here we are far ahead with our scoring partner!
    - Planning and execution of Marketing activities e.g. TV, Online, Mobile, Print, events, contests etc.
    - Finding Publishing partners and marketing budgets (when required – we have an excellent network)
    - Community Management and help of localization
    - Much more

    All in all, we are a company that will take the load of Monetization and User acquisition off your hands and maximize it. So that you have the chance to move forward with developing your App.

    Looking forward to many new acquaintances and great titles.
    Contact through pm or email at [email protected]

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