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    (Developers Only) The Arc -- Review & Rating Exchange

    As a developer, you know how difficult it is to promote an app.
    At times, it feels like you're screaming but no one can hear.

    We developers should help out each other and win together!!
    Exchange review is a great way to improve an app's ranking but it's not easy to find developers who share the same vision.

    That is how the idea of The Arc comes about.
    Arc stands for App Review Club. It is a social platform with point-based review exchange system.

    This is how it works:
    (i) Review & rate an app to get 1 Review Point (RP)
    (ii) Collect enough RPs to initiate a review request
    (iii) Profit. Your app is reviewed, rated, and provided feedback by fellow developers

    Interested to join?
    You can't. Nothing is built yet. But you can subscribe to updates in the website below:
    The Arc - Exclusive App Review Club - free genuine rating and review for your apps from other developers

    Together we win!

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    cool idea cool design

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    I exchange ratings!! If you rate me contact by private with me and I'll rate yours!

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