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    Quote Originally Posted by mind View Post

    My experience is that unless one of the following happens, it will continue to decrease:
    - gets media attention
    - gets featured
    - gets installs from ads you pay for

    Sucks.... but there it is....

    WordHero has been at 200-300 installs/day for the last year. I have no idea how you spike from 60k users to 120k users.....
    Have you considered asking for Press Review or the like for your game?
    Most of the renowned review sites don't pay attention to these requests from average game developers, but for you the case seems to be different.
    What I'd like to know is how they can influence the daily download rate of a game or app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kakashi View Post
    does anyone know how many iOS downloads a game like Line Zen would have got? On Play Store it is clearly visible, but on App Store it is not. Even the number of ratings on the App Store are really weird. I have heard people saying they have 100,000s of installs but have only aroun 200 ratings (all versions). Is there a way to estimate?

    How would you tell about Line Zen or Ball Jump for example?
    It's easy. First, the ratings that you can see are only based in your country. Then, they show the ratings of the actual version with option to see the average rating of all versions.

    So, they have a lot more than 200 ratings.

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    Not sure about ketchapp game, but similar super casual game like flappy bird was making $50k per day, and mr jump was making at least $20k per day (Source -

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