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    Quote Originally Posted by mind View Post
    @adforandroidapps made excellent comments.

    iOS is 20% of the market and shrinking. Right now, my feeling is that another 20% of the market is USA Android installs. The other 60% is Android in countries that won't earn you large $$$. So right now, you could earn equivalent money on both iOS and Android (with USA customers).

    HOWEVER.... the advertizing market is maturing. At the moment, ads are CPC/CPA because they want you to install a shitty app or fill a survey/etc. This is like the early days of the WWW. So look to the Web to see what will happen in mobile advertizing.

    Pretty soon, Brands will start seeing value in mobile advertizing. For those of you that don't know, "Brands" are things like Pepsi, CocaCola, BMW, Gillette, etc. A lot of them have multiple products eg: Proctor and Gamble makes both "Head and Shoulders" shampoo and "Pantene" shampoo. Why sell just one shampoo, when you can sell every one a customer could possibly buy ?

    Anyway...Brands get sold ads on a eCPM basis. They are paying for market awareness AND interaction with ads, so are less sensitive to CTR.

    eg: Toyota wants to track that they showed you a car advert on your PC, then a few times on your mobile device, then you went to their website and built a Toyota Corolla model using their car builder and after that they showed you Toyota Corolla adverts for 2 weeks. They can match this sort of advert pushes to sales numbers.

    Once the Brands come online, you will see better advert performance IN EVERY country.

    The summary of all this..... build a large advert network, and wait for the market to mature a little more.
    Couldn't say it any better. I do see some branding campaigns but not a lot yet. It is still pretty much a "land grab" in mobile right now.

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    Switching from Android to iOS :-

    Step 1: Download the app

    To start the process, download the Move to iOS app on your Android phone. Then take your iPhone out of the box and begin the iPhone setup process. It is important to note that the app only works with phones that are being set up for the first time, or after a factory reset. This can be annoying if you already started setting up your iPhone.

    Step 2: Prep your phones

    Once you’ve initiated the iPhone setup and made it past the “Hello” screen, follow the prompts. Eventually, you’ll see an “Apps & Data” screen, and from there you’ll notice “Move Data from Android” at the bottom of the list. Select this option.

    Now, run Move to iOS on your Android phone. Agree to the terms and conditions and then on the “Find Your Code” screen, hit Next. Now, you should have the option to enter a 10-digit code. This code will appear on your iPhone after you’ve selected “Move Data from Android” and hit continue. When the code appears on your iOS device enter it into your Android phone, then let the transferring begin.

    Step 3: Transfer away

    Your iOS device will then use its own private Wi-Fi network to communicate with your Android phone. Once you select what data you want to send over, the transferring process will begin. Some things that are transferred are pictures, music, emails, contacts, browser data, accounts, and texts. Apps, on the other hand, will not transfer. This means going into the App Store and redownloading all the apps that didn’t make the move. Additionally, you should probably check to see if any files didn’t make the transfer before you retire your Android phone. If there are any files that are stuck on your Android phone, Apple suggests using Android File Transfer to manually move the files onto your computer, and then from your computer to your iPhone.

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    i converted 5 android apps (with together about 10000 daily downloads) into iOS - the result was: not even 100 downloads per day ... revenue almost 0

    I started with developing for iOS and it was very bad - then i developed for android and i made really good money ... converting to iOS was not really good for me ...
    I think it is very hard to get a game featured or ranked very high in Itunes...

    So i would not recommend it
    MMWA is always offline these days - Move to new and better forum !

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