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    Cool Sell EBOOK - 10k installs in 1 day from Facebook ads

    EDITED: I made up my mind, I won't sell it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Norbi4 View Post

    So in the past 2 years, I worked a lot to improve my Facebook ads results....I spent a lot of money on testing, testing and testing...This winter I came up with an idea and tested it. This idea targets a specific niche, so not all the people on Facebook. I target these people based on Interests. I had shocking results with this: approx. 5k-10k downloads a day for 25-50 USD, that is 0,005 usd per install.Usually I get 7-8k installs in a day. There was a day when I got 6,5k installs for 2,3$(WTF? I don't know right now how could that happen, that is 0,00035$ per install) . Proof with the biggest daily installs so far:

    Proof Proof Proof Proof Proof Proof Proof Proof Proof Proof

    Note that the currency in my country is lei. 100lei=24usd.

    The ebook contains:
    -what kind of app to make(includes source code,too)
    -what images to use for ads
    -what "interests" to target on Facebook
    -tips for Facebook page name which will run the ad and what kind of icon it has to have
    -how much to bid on Facebook
    -which countries to target (the most installs didn't come from low tier countries, but from middle tier countries and a good number of installs came from Italy, France and Spain)
    -and much more

    Why am I selling this gold information?
    Because I will sell it to only 5 people, and the nature of the trick allows more people to use it simultaneously.

    So, as mentioned I will sell it to only 5 people and probably will give out a FREE copy only to a very very honest forum member who has a killing reputation on this forum.
    The prices will be:
    1st: 250 usd
    2nd: 300 usd
    3rd: 400 usd
    4th: 500 usd
    5th: 600 usd

    I won't be online in the next 10 hours so until then you can e-mail me at: [email protected]

    I think that my reputation is killing

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