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    I would like an app which an show possible recipes when enter what left in Kitchen..For example, if I have sugar,milk and flour left in the kitchen, the app should be able to show possible food recipes after entering these ingredients..

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    Coming up with a million-dollar mobile app idea could be challenging.

    What if I share top 10 inspiring mobile app ideas of the future with you?

    It would be cool, right?

    Letís get started!

    1. Grocery Shopping App
    2. Mood Monitoring App
    3. Social Networking App for Single Parents
    4. AR for School App
    5. Virtual Shopping App
    6. Local Party and Event Finder App
    7. Taxi Management App
    8. Wedding Planner App
    9. Delivery Service App
    10. The Wish-list App
    Matt Robson
    Digital Marketing Executive | Techcronus
    Mobile App Development Company | Android App Development Company

    Reach me on: LinkedIn

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    Oh, that are great mobile ideas. I would add promotion apps into it. Isn't it great if you had some kind of app where you could Buy TikTok Likes in a few taps of a finger? I think that it would've been great. Are there no delivery service apps or you mean something that I don't know about? Help me to understand this question.

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