When thinking about Android rooting, there are lots of things to discuss it. Because Android rooting is a technical mechanism and you need complete knowledge to implement it. If you are reading this piece of writing as a root newbie you may have lots of quizzes that are arising in your mind. Therefore let's take a quick glance at Android rooting and its features.

What Is Android Rooting

Android rooting is a mechanism which is implemented to access the system partition of your device. As Android keeps your device partition are separated from each other you cannot access all the partition at once. Specially, you need permission to access system partition of your device where system files are located. System files are placed in the root folder and it has been kept in the deepest level of your Android system to keep third-party accesses away. When you root your Android smartphone you get permission to access to the root folder and do modifications on them to change your Android system as you want.

Rooting Features

After rooting your device, you can change your device in appearance and as well as in performance. When it comes to appearance you can change the whole appearance of your device by installing third-party themes and custom ROMs.When it comes to performance you can enhance the performance of your device by installing custom kernels/custom recovery and uninstalling unwanted system files.

How To Root Android

The always burning question that works on Android users is how to root Android. As there are lots of rooting tools, users are very confused about this question. There are two universal methods to root an Android. All the available rooting tools belong to one of these two methods and gaining root access through exploiting Android vulnerability is more popular since it is very easy and quick. All the one-click rooting tools belong to this method and there are a number of one-click rooting tools floating around. Root Master is one of them and it has a higher reputation by now.

Root Master

Root master works on Android 1.5 and Android 5.0 and you can download it as an APK and PC version. It officially supports Android smartphones Samsung, Oppo, Sony, Mi, HTC, ZTE, Coolpad, Lenovo, Huawei and Many more. You can download both root master version for free from their official website and you can have all the important information from there.

Note: If you are Samsung Galaxy user go to this page before trying Root Master

Final Word

I hope you have gained better knowledge about Andoird rooting and other related stuff here and also I hope these stuff will be helping you to be successful in Android rooting.