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    Cannot play mp3 in the background with a service

    Hello everybody ,
    I have a playlist, I wanted it playing in the background with a service. However, I do not understand why it was played 4-5 songs is stop. though service is still running, not killed. I have also used a variety of ways such as: Wifilock, WakeLock, .. but still no results. I thought it was stopped due to not wake Wifi / 3G in battery saving mode. I tried to run the examples here (, but the result still same above.
    .Hope everybody help please.

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    The solution: it needs to be written like this: MediaPlayer p = Mediaplayer.create(this, filename) because p.create will call the static method, and it will return a new instance of a MediaPlayer, which is never stored. Then, I called start() on the default-constructed instance, that is why it was not working.

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    Few steps to follow.....

    1.First go through the service examples.

    2.From this activity start a service ie., whenever this app opened navigate activity to service the activity----> service.

    3.In service override onstart().

    4.In onstart() create musicplayer function and cal the song you want.

    5.And start like this;

    6.Now it will run on background

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