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    Google Analytics

    Hi there,

    I published a new app on google play 3 days ago but have not yet seen any statistics on the Google Play Developer's console (ie. how many downloads I've recieved).

    It never used to be this slow to kick in - Is this possibly because you can only start seeing stastics after hte first 5 downloads or something? Or is it because GP is just slower to process your stats now days?

    Any feedback is much appreciated.


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    The developer console has been having some statistics delays lately, so it might be that. Or it could be your not actually getting any downloads. Most new apps don't get downloads as easily as they used to.

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    I agree, I really tried hard for my last new action war game which I spent a lot of time on it. I have published on many different places, forums, got some cool reviews... after 2 month I have, you won't believe it, 130 installs.
    What a waste of time (6 months exactly).

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