There are a number of Android rooting available as of now and most of Android users are very enthusiastic in Android rooting. In simple word rooting is getting permission to access the root directory. The root directory is the folder where all the essential Android system files are saved. A normal Android user becomes a Superusers as in Linux After getting root access on his Android smartphone. As the "Superuser" name denotes, a rooted device holder has a number of capabilities that non-rooted device holder can perform.

How To Root Android

The most popular way to root android is by installing the one-click rooting tool on an Android device. One-click rooting tools use Android vulnerabilities and access the root directory after exploiting them. Users are really free when using a one-click rooting tool as a one-click rooting tool is solely responsible for whole the rooting mechanism. Currently, there are several trending one-click rooting tools as Kingoroot, Root Master, 360 Root, One click Root and more. You can download most of them for free but One Click Root comes as a paid app. Also, there is a major reason which differentiates one click root tool from other rooting tools. As you know, most of the one-click rooting tools only provide you with a compatibility list in which you should select your device. But One Click Root provides you with an online checker to check if your device is compatible with the app and helps you to avoid possible root failures


One Click Root App has been designed to root Android 2.1.X and higher and highly recommended to root Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0. , if you are running on Android 4.1.X or higher version, you can have remote service from One Click Root team to root your device. As the official source says HTC smartphones are not compatible with the app yet.

No Device Bricking With One Click Root App

Most of Android users hesitate to use one-click rooting tools due to the risk of device bricking although they love to root their Android devices. But you can safely use the One Click Root App without device bricking since it does not run on your device if it is not compatible with it. So, no device bricking at all.

Final Word

I hope this piece of article will be really helpful to you when you try ing to find out the best rooting tool for your device. In my opinion, I would like to mention that you must check and compare several rooting tools before picking the exact one