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    Make money with Android

    Hey there!

    We are happy to announce a new monetization scheme for Android publishers –

    Here we provide a solution what allows you to earn money per installs of all possible Android apps and games. It is particularly well-suited for publishers who knows how to deliver Android users from the Internet and make them to download Android apps. Among them:
    Android apps and games download websites;
    File sharing services;
    Entertainment websites (streamings, mp3 and etc.);
    Adult websites;
    Other websites what can generate Android traffic.

    Bellow you can a screenshot of our partner stats with US, UK, German, Indian, Turkish, Brazilian installs in the top.

    Please note! Due to our solution originality we don’t provide a detailed information on public. But you are welcome indeed to join us on and send us all the questions you have in Skype.

    Skype: bubnovyi
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    But what if it's not android app developers but android app users?

    The above is a great idea for app developers , however, for app users, How to make money with android phones?

    As my own experience, Reviewing apps via BestReviewApp is a good idea, Get $0.5 for reviewing an app, the payment will be send every Friday through PayPal.
    BestReviewApp helps both app developers and app users, app users get paid by reviewing apps and app developers pay to get real reviews to promote their app well.

    Skype: business.bestreviewapp

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    It's really difficult for a new developer earn as some people that answered here. First, great earning are possible if your app is highly downloaded and it's really difficult, there are too much apps in the store.
    According to me, only if you have enough downloads you can think about revenue and what could be the right market strategy.
    At the end of September I released my first app (iFeel Free - mood diary), and now it's near to reach 10k downloads, but no earnings for the moment.
    Probably in-app billing will be my future solution, but it's hard to say if it will be the right way.


    I've developed an iOS version of my app and the android version reached 25k downloads. I've implemented In App Purchase in both versions, but no big revenue. Anyhow IAP allows better incomes and probably it's the right choice when you don't have a big user base.

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