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    [FREE] Lucky Shiba Casino Slots 2016

    A cool new game Lucky Shiba Casino Slots 2016
    ★★★ Introducing Lucky Shiba Casino Slots 2016 ★★★

    ★★★SHIBA SLOTS★★★
    This is by far the most amazing slots game you'll find!
    The most popular dog of Japan just arrived to entertain you in this wonderful gamehouse casino. Who doesn't love the Shiba? Wether you live in Yemen, Italy, America or the Shiba's hometown Japan, everywhere in the world we love this dog! Wanna feel like you are on your way to the pirate bay on a cruise ship? With your Shiba on your side you will definitely find a treasure box and all lost treasure. Even if a pirate storm is coming up they won't let you down. They will not leave you hanging in pirate world on your own.
    This luxe casino slots game will make you forget about card shark. The Shiba won't let you down! Come and get the the mega prize, the mega fortune and the reel deal. They will definitely help you get the million jackpot and keep the coin party going.
    There is always time for treasure hunt. Whether it is on your pirate boat or on a cruise ship, this luxe casino is waiting for you. We bring you to the pirate bay and there will be a pirate coin waiting for you on every corner. Collect every pirate coin and it will be a spectacular coin party. Don't wait any longer, the lost treasure is ready to be found in the treasure trove and the treasure cove.
    - 4 very nice designed Shiba slots worlds.
    - Bet up to 20 lines and 1000 coins per spin.
    - The mega prize and mega fortune of 5000 coins.
    - Level up to unlock new features every time!
    - Bonus game for extra coins to win.
    This gamehous casino is the reel deal. You cant leave without winning the million jackpot. The Shiba's will bring you in their pirate boat to Yemen or Paris. Anywhere in the world you'll love this game. Go treasure hunt and find the treasure trove and dive into this pirate world to find the treasure cove.
    Play SHIBA SLOTS now and discover the beauty of Japan!
    Link to Google Play Store:

    Requirements: Android 2.3 and up.
    Available for Android.
    I recommend you to download this free and awesome game.

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    If you post some gameplay tutorial it would be great.
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    That's wonderful! I actually love gambling and especially playing slots. Finding free spins is really awesome. I remember once I got some free spins on jftw gaming and won a big sum of money - it was such a nice day. Slots are very simple and playing it relaxes me. I get a lot of pleasure from it, especially when I am lucky and win some money What can be better than playing and earning money at the same time?! It's just a dream!

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