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    Quote Originally Posted by Nina Bohush View Post

    Have you tried Epom Apps? Epom Apps is one of the most trusted and high-paying FREE monetization platforms for app developers.
    Our team helps monetize traffic to 550 app developers today.

    Why give Epom Apps a try?

    As an app developer get ready for:

    - 30% revenue boost;
    - 90% and higher fill rate;
    - access to 200+ direct advertisers;
    - 30 NET monthly payments;
    - Your own monetization and optimization team.
    - All-in-one easy to use account with access to 40+ premium ad networks.

    As an advertiser, you will get

    - Direct in-app high performing traffic worldwide;
    - 20% and higher CTR with engaging native ads,
    - 100% viewability of your ads.
    - gaining your KPI goals.
    - Customized native design for your ad units which will increase user engagement.

    For launching a test with Epom Apps create an account here and enjoy better revenues and performance!
    Can you explain why you can pay directly for AdMob and Facebook earning while other system like Appodeal can't do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NokiaDev View Post
    1. fyber ads with fyber mediation network
    2. Unity Ads
    Have you tried fyber ads? Any stats?

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    The best return is definitely Samba Networks where you get paid for every ad watched with a CPM of up to $20!

    They’re all video ads from top brands so better than app install ads too.

    Their SDK link is here:

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    Hi guys, I would suggest you checking out Addvertize. Mostly it is focused on smart trigger-based ad serving, which generates legit additional advertising revenue stream for Google Play or non-Google Play users, depending on your settings. Researches show, that 100% of Android paid apps and 80% of free apps are being hacked, that's why the project also focuses on application and it's SDK protection technologies. However, it is also a service project, that has several unique features that no one has or ever had:

    -one click SDK integration
    -protection from any adware/malware injection
    -protection from SDK removal
    -trigger based ad serving system
    -automatic detection (if needed) of non-Google Play installs and serving additional ads to those installs
    -remote control over ads behavior

    In other words, it has everything to increase your revenue and - what's more important, to protect your traffic and apps from being stolen!

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