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    In case anyone thinks I was bashing Avocarrot. I was not. They are very responsive and have fixed bugs in their SDK for me in the past. What I was commenting on was industry norms when it comes to how to handle a situation. And no, they did not complain to me about my post. I just happen to like the guys and how transparent they try to be.

    Just ONCE, I want to see a rep say: "Yes, your eCPM sucks ass and is WAY below what we see and tell people is the average. The reason is that your app is used by people in location X and their are almost no advertisers for that region. THIS is why your fill rate it very low. Also, your users don't click on ads, so your CTR is under 0.10%. Sorry, but we believe you will get the same results with any other ad SDK."
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    Quote Originally Posted by moneyappdev View Post
    You should use mediation if you have issues with eCPM and fill rate. I’m experiencing a decent eCPM (I show ads only in a ListView) but not very good fill rate that is why I use MoPub mediation.

    I wouldn’t recommend using only 1 network. I’ve used FAN before but I was totally disappointed with the eCPM.

    I’ll continue the revenue posting so here my stats for November from Avocarrot:

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    what you say is true i shudnt use just one network in an app , i never used a mediation plugin before i shall try mob pub , thanks !

    Quote Originally Posted by malik1994 View Post
    might be your content has less attraction to users now.
    the thing is i have 20k + active users so i dont think the reason can be content attraction .

    Quote Originally Posted by tacchan23 View Post
    Is your eCPM from Interstitials or Native Ads? or both?
    my cpm is with native ads bro

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    Their ecpm is slowly recovering in my apps

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