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    Non-conventional Ad Networks

    I'm looking for others ways of monetisation, not looking for typical interstitial or rewarded videos, I'm more for something like pollfish, where users do some action in-game and you get instant money. I don't care how much they pay meanwhile they have high fillrate..

    I tried rewarding videos from AdColony or Vungle but they are more CPA, meaning you need to download a game, thats really tedious for a regular users.

    So, do you know any ad networks that offers instant money for a action? For example

    - Pay per view video network (Ad Colony don't offer that..)
    - Surveys in-game
    - Any other idea?

    I really like the survey monetisation, do you know other else than pollfish? (Pollfish have a unfair behaviour with old apps, for example, you add a new app and they serves a lot of survey the first days, suddenly they stop serving..) I'm afraid they don't have enough fillrate and have to establish a segmentation.

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    Tapjoy offerwall? I didn't use it, but maybe suit your need.

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    Adscend Media has an offer wall that works really well to monetize non-paying users and is not a typical ad unit.

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