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    Quote Originally Posted by mrBruce View Post
    There are 2 kinds of ads you can make if you want to advertise with Google.

    1.Google makes the ad for you if you don't have your own banner, it has the app icon on the left and the app ratings on the right. You enter the text you want and Google creates the banner for you. This is the one that needs 2 clicks to get through.

    2. Then there is the one where you provide the full custom image for the 320x50 banner. This is the one that needs only 1 click.

    I cannot be absolutely sure, but every time I have clicked on #1, it asks if i'm sure. And every time I click the #2, it goes right through. And most ads I see are of these type.

    This can be easily confirmed by others here since I can't be clicking on my own ads.

    Thanks for this clarification.

    Why doesn't Google impose the double-click requirement on all advertisers ? (rhetorical question - since Google is not here to answer).

    When I create Admob House Ads - there is also some similar choice - with "Text Tile" you specify the icon and text (while Google fills in the app title and ratings) - this type of banner ad does not have a double-click requirement (takes directly to Google Play).

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    This is still happening in 2015! It's really unacceptable behavior from Google.... I think it's about the time for regulators to step in and reign in Google's monopoly on Android apps. Google may have created Android, but still it can't bully developers. Google behaves as if it's god and the final authority on the Android app business. It's illegal to all of a sudden, with no prior warning, suspend the account and income of developers without even giving them any specific reason. This is nuts! Google really needs to be brought under control and scrutiny as powerful as it has become....

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    Hi to everyone,

    I am new to the forum. My admob account is terminated that's why I am here.

    So I started android app development recently when I thought of switching my job. I am from India so I had 2-3 app ideas that could have worked in India. I was all set I released my app and used admob as my ad network. It was not going good as It was my second month only and I had 1500 installs (I planned for adwords campaign and all). I had 5-6K impressions daily, match rate was 70% and eCPM was around 0.06, so I was making 0.3$ daily. Not great but It was okay for me as I just started. So in month end I reached 10$ and pin verification was dispatched on my address. I was happy.

    Yesterday I thought of showing my in house ad with admob and I created rewarded video in house ad and for that I had to link my adwords with it. I had to make some payment to adwords to activate my account. I did that all. To my suprise when I woke up this morning I got this mail that my account has been terminated. I am totally devasted as I was not searching for the job and was planning to become full time app developer. I don't know what went wrong. The mail was for invalid activity. I don't even install my apps because I fear for any policy violation. So in this scenario only 2 things could have happened,

    1) Adwords linking caused any problem?
    2) Or some competitor who didn't want me to enter the market created invalid clicks on my app

    I sent appeal to admob but still didn't get reply. I read alot about it and ended up on this forum to get some help. Now my concern is,

    1) Should I opt for app development now? Because invalid clicks by competitor could happen to any ad network.
    2) If adwords linking created problem why did admob forced me to do so?
    3) If I continue app devlopment, which ad network should i use in India for best results?
    4) And lastly should I create new account with admob again???

    Please community members help me. I am feeling terrible now.

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    Neither adword linking nor clicks by rivals will lead to admob termination.
    I am using admob for last 5 years and they never terminate the account without prior hints. So you need to look into other changes you might have made in your apps recently.

    Either India or elsewhere Admob is something like backbone for ads inventory, so ignoring admob in apps might lead to multi organ failure eventually.

    Creating new admob account needs a lots of circus. They track things with prior ip, coordinates, reference emails and even hardware footprints and may be another extent. So you might need whole new setup like new laptop, new credit card, new data connection. Its just like hiding the identity with plastic surgery and again sword of getting caught will be hanging always.

    So i will advice to try finding your account manager and find out the cause of termination. After that try to create new admob. Hope it helps.

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