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    So nice to hear all these stories...more than i think about it, more i see a pattern, that apps which were made by hundreds of hours of planning etc etc, made close to none success. On the other hand, apps which were made during a night, by the "feeling", without any marketing, ASO, promo etc etc made 1M > downloads..we created a niche app without direct competition but after 1 year 30k downloads, and not monitized properly, after app was already lunched (new in business) you could guess we earn close to nothing. But i must say we learned a LOT during this year so next one should be a lot version the current app.

    Again congrats to all of you guys here, i can see there is plenty of you

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    congrats to you too ...
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    Its really bad to see that your one suspended.But what was the reason?What mail you got as a reason for suspended from google.
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    I also have an app which has reached almost 5 million downlods.
    Actually i am earning about 10000 - 20000 dollar per month with it :-)
    I have doubled my app earnings by using Appodeal !

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