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    So nice to hear all these stories...more than i think about it, more i see a pattern, that apps which were made by hundreds of hours of planning etc etc, made close to none success. On the other hand, apps which were made during a night, by the "feeling", without any marketing, ASO, promo etc etc made 1M > downloads..we created a niche app without direct competition but after 1 year 30k downloads, and not monitized properly, after app was already lunched (new in business) you could guess we earn close to nothing. But i must say we learned a LOT during this year so next one should be a lot version the current app.

    Again congrats to all of you guys here, i can see there is plenty of you

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    congrats to you too ...
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    Its really bad to see that your one suspended.But what was the reason?What mail you got as a reason for suspended from google.
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    I also have an app which has reached almost 5 million downlods.
    Actually i am earning about 10000 - 20000 dollar per month with it :-)
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    Hello, guys!
    To promote an app and make it get 5+ million downloads, it is very difficult for app developers to achieve this goal. But if you try your best to do app promotion and app marketing work, maybe it is a feasible task. There are some answers to your questions one by one:

    1. just I mentioned above, of course it is hard to manage. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself mentally.

    2. If you want to get more app installs, you have to own a high quality and reputation app so that more audiences will install your app. To optimize your app, app store optimization(ASO) is an effective method to boost your app ranking in app stores. You can click the post that I have published before to learn more details about ASO:How to benefit from ASO?

    3. In addition to the efforts of app store optimization, app marketing is also essential for you to do. Because only you popularize your app among average people, you will get a number of app downloads in return. Some app marketing tips I want to share with you at below:

    * write blogs and essays to introduce your app
    *cross promotion
    *put your app in classified and review websites
    *installs and reviews exchange
    *advertising in some social media and forums
    *create a video to popularize your app
    *email marketing

    4, the more active users you have, the more installs you will get.

    5. If the app's quality is valued enough, it is easy to get more than 8000 organic downloads every day.

    6. Advertise and app promotion are persistent process for app developers, you have to check your app and update it in time to cater to the interests of users. Only in this way can you get numerous app installs and revenues all the time.

    Hope these tips can help you!
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